The Mid-Week Hangover aka Why Did I Think Drinking On A Wednesday Was A Good Idea?

By Jon Partridge on March 15, 2012 8:00 PM | Permalink |

hangover.jpg Alright, when your friends say we're only going for a casual pint, never, ever, ever, believe them. Because you'll be about 6 pints down, on your third Jaegerbomb, and had more than enough shots to get an elephant drunk. And that is why I feel, absolutely, horrible.

So, apart from the aforementioned, here's the highlight of what I've been drinking on this stupid weeknight:

  • Vodka. I have a love/hate relationship with vodka, and last night was more love than hate. But it isn't going to stop me from getting drunk. I was on the Smirnoff, as per usual, and kicked it back in every single style possible. Shots? Yup. Screwdrivers? Yup. With lemonade? Yup. And of course, the infamous vodka and Red Bull. Never change, vodka, you foul, foul beast.
And here's what we've been doing to pass the day:

  • So, that #KONY2012? Dubbed as one of the "most viral videos of all time", and definitely quite controversial amongst viewers, but whatever the hell you think of it, at least check out how these Ugandans react to the video. Eye opening. [Buzzfeed]

  • A possom on a snowboard. Need I say more? [FRONT]

  • Australians that have had their mitts on the new iPad have decided to give a good ol' fashioned tear down for some glorious nerd porn. Mmm silicon. [RedmondPie]

  • My Strange Addiction strikes again, but this time it's even weirder than usual. This lady drinks all the urine that she pees. All of it. Christ, better not give Bear Grylls a call seeing as he's out of a show now. [Gawker]

  • The typical life of a Lamborghini owner. Get your hate ready. [Jalopnik]

  • Get your tissues ready, as this is a real tear jerker. A 17-year-old ear-less bunny, set for super stardom in Germany has, unfortunately, met his tragic demise. Check out the sad story at the link. [The Daily What]
Here's to Friday. You know it's coming.