The Hangover: What We've Been Drinking, Doing and Eating This Weekend - March 3rd Edition

By Jon Partridge on March 3, 2012 10:30 AM | Permalink |

hangover.jpg Wow, this certainly sounds and feels familiar. Just like last week; my head hurts like hell and I feel like death, but I'm stuffing my face with pizza this time around, as I had a some cash spare in my wallet. Friday nights are fun, no doubt, so let's hear about your antics in the comments!

Here's what we've been drinking:

  • Vodka. Again, lots and lots of vodka. This time round, Smirnoff was the vodka of choice. Mixed up with coke or 7-up was the way forward, and if I remember properly, lots and lots of shots.
And here's what we've been doing to pass the day:

  • For some reason, looking at how wax replicas of cabbage are made. Looks tasty. [via Buzzfeed]

  • Giggling at this Adventure Time clip all day. It's great, and I recommend watching the series too! [YouTube]

  • Reading about how Lindsay Lohan is terrible at Pictionary and trying to remember if she's actually still relevant. [Buzzfeed]

  • Checking out this USB Slingshot which is a match made in heaven for Angry Birds. [LikeCool]

  • Reading about butt plugs and drunk driving in Florida. Need I say more? [Gawker]

  • And watching in awe at some awesome Phantom shot super-slow-mo clips of the All-Star NBA game. Everything looks better in slow-mo. [YouTube]
Until next week's shenanigans.

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