41 Year Old Teacher Leaves Wife and Kids for 18 Year Old Girl

By Jon Partridge on March 2, 2012 8:00 AM | Permalink |

studentteacherew.jpg Okay, is it just me or is this just a little bit creepy?

The Modesto Bee reports that a 41 year old teacher at Enochs High School in Modesto has resigned and actually moved in with an 18-year-old-student. James Hooker was placed on administrative leave in early February and resigned over two weeks later. Jordan Powers only turned 18 in the past fall, but everything apparently has been consensual and nothing has happened before she was not classed as a minor.

He left behind a family, his wife and kids (one of which is a junior at the same school), all to move in with this girl - which of course has been met with mixed reactions from the community, but mostly shock, disapproval and betrayal.

The unlikely pair met when she was a freshman, and it's unknown when things actually started, but it wasn't until January when things started to get a bit fishy, as the teacher accompanied Jordan to the hospital after her younger brother was in the emergency room.

Read the full story at the source, and make up your own mind - is this a complete breach of trust or just two unlucky people who are following their hearts?

[Modesto Bee via NeoGAF]

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