The Hangover: What We've Been Drinking and Doing This Weekend - February 25th Edition

By Jon Partridge on February 25, 2012 1:00 PM | Permalink |

hangover.jpg It's Saturday. My head is throbbing, my wallet is empty, my clothes are halfway across the room and I feel like the embodiment of death. Friday night is always a laugh though, and I'm about to do it all over again tonight.

Here's what we've been drinking:

  • Vodka. Lots and lots of vodka. Friday night's vodka of choice was Absolut. Mixed up with coke or 7-up is always decent and simple.

  • Beer. Cheap beer for me last night, just a few cans of Carlsberg here and there.

  • Cider. Straight off the tap, Gaymers pear cider is delicious. Recommended.
And here's what we've been doing to pass the day:

  • I really cannot express what kind of feelings are evoked by Vice's fairly old, but still messed up guide, to sex with donkeys. [Vice]

  • Getting crunked to the funky collaboration between Rusko and Cypress Hill. [YouTube]

  • Reading about Rihanna being quite hypocritical on Twitter. [Buzzfeed]

  • Watching the first 30 minutes to Asura's Wrath just confirms how insane the game is. [Gamespot on YouTube]

  • Following Hollywood funnyman, and new Twitter user, Steve Carell. [Twitter]

  • Checking out Gawker's pretty interesting feature on Adrian Chen finding the man behind everyone's favourite Twitter spam bot, Horse_ebooks. [Gawker]
Until next week's shenanigans.

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