Armed Assault 3 Community Alpha Coming Post E3

By Arif Aksit on February 29, 2012 7:30 AM | Permalink |

arma3_logo.png Bohemia Interactive's Armed Assault 3 is set to release a community alpha after E3 according to the official developer blog.

Following E3, Bohemia intends to open up the game to the community to help enhance the development of the game. The initial alpha will be very limited in terms of assets. The goal is to allow experimentation with new gameplay and technology elements and help development of upcoming fan made modifications. Later on in 2012 there will be a more extensive beta. However the details regarding all of this will be determined closer to the launch of all these phases in testing.

Bohemia also states that because of their desire to create a "feature-rich, polished, and bug free experience", the game has been delayed to an unspecified later date.

Source: [Bohemia Interactive]

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